Checking on ios app store submission

Hi all!
I sucessfully submitted an app to the ios app store following the thunkable guidelines. My only notification was the little thunkable pop up saying it had been submitted - about 9 days ago. I dont have any email notification and nothing is showing up in my developer account. Do you have any thoughts on what happens next?



i think you should wait for 2 weeks max still if it dont comes then Thunkable Staff has to see what problem is there

Yes! its been almost a month now (possibly even more) and I have had no feedback… how can I check on the status? or what should I do next?

What does it show in App Store Connect under My Apps → [App Name] → App Store?

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there is nothing in there. no apps.

Then you need to publish it again from Thunkable. Or check your email to see what Thunkable & Apple sent you about that build. If you don’t have any message from them then you definitely need to publish again.

In my experience, I get an email from Thunkable within an hour or two. And from Apple within a few hours to a day.

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I see! yeah I got no confirmation email from thunkable. ok let me try again.