No submission confirmation from Thunkable. App build not showing up in App Connect

I submitted my app in Thunkable in July 2022, I got a successful notification on Thunkable, but I never received a submission confirmation e-mail from Thunkable. The App build is not showing up in App Connect, as a result, I am unable to submit it for review / approval.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help resolving this issue.

Hi @gilbertalipuiw

Can you please try publishing again. You should receive an email within an hour usually. It will indicate that the project was either Accepted or rejected by Apple.

Hi Jared,

Thank you for your response. I have re-submitted, multiple times already. I always get the success dialog box in Thunkable, but never the confirmation e-mail.


have you checked your email on this?

Yes, I have. I also checked the spam. I know something is not right because the build never shows up in appstoreconnect. Thank you.

Can you share a project URL that you are experiencing this with?

Hvae you sucessfully published this project before?

Yes, I have successfully published a project in the past, and at that time the e-mail arrived promptly within an hour.

This is the url that I am experiencing problems with:

Yes, I have successfully published a a project before, and as you describe my confirmation e-mail arrived within an hour.

This is the url: Thunkable