Submit to appstore Problem


I’m trying to get my app that i made using thunkable to the appstore.

The problem is in appstoreconnect, when i click on submit for review it just says “There are one or more errors on the page”. and it says under Build “Submit your builds using Xcode or Application Loader. See supported versions”

How do i upload a build using thunkable ? i only find how you do it if you are using xcode.

I got this email yesterday from thunkable.
Congrats on getting one step closer to publishing “appname”

  • The Thunkable Beaver

Your app has been sent successfully to App Store Connect!

You should receive an email from Apple with further instructions on how to submit your app for review to the App Store.
I have still not received any email from apple.

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Hi @snaig45p9u7x9,

Did you follow all the steps in this video?


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Yes i have followed all your steps, FYI the video is a bit outdated compared to apples actual page.
The printscreen that i uploaded is whats poping up when i click “submit for review”

Did you see my answer?

is this issue is fixed. can you please also help me to know how to fix this

I have the same Isue…