“submit your builds using Xcode or Application Loader”

I’m having trouble sending the app for review on apple connect, whenever I try this error:
“Submit your builds using Xcode or Application Loader”
Please I need help.

Thank you.

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I have the same problem.


Hi @Geneilson_Leonardo & @Lin,

Apologies for the inconvenience with this. To help us out can you please include some screenshots of whatever error message or error codes you are seeing.

In the mean time, can you double-check this publishing tutorial we created? It’s really important that you use the correct cert signing request and mobile provisioning profile when you try to publish in the App Store.

It seems like it can only be submitted on an Apple computer.

Hi @Lin

I know I was using an Apple computer in the video, but you should be able to upload your project to the App Store from any operating system.

Are you a Windows user?

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I get that error also.

Hi @trinityofficey5 welcome to the community! :wave:

I don’t think your error is related to the original question. Have you selected a build you want to publish?