After receiving the Build ID into Appel Store I still have a problem to publish my App

I know the following questions should be adressed to Appel , but I have not yet found the right way to address them effectively …

1) The actual situation’s

a)the last build receive from thunkable to Appel Store

b)My Apps in Apple Store

The app info of the version 1.0 is

Name of the App


Apple ID


The build from the version 1.0 is not existing (lost or deleted of ….does not matter)

I Have no information’s how to resolve these issues (in the picture circled in red)

c) From the testflight

The version 8.0 work fine under testflight (via testflight I have upload the build of my version 8.0 into my Iphone 10 and it is working)

I Have the build information from my version 8.0

2) The question’s or request

a) solution a

Is it possible in my Appel ID 160766543 with the App Name WorkPlan_Stoemper

to force the Build number :202247335 (version 8.0) ?

I can’t edit my build ID to write in the field 202247335 and more the save button is not active

b) solution b

If solution a is not possible how can I delete alle the information’s from my Appel id 160766543 to be able to reuse my App name WorkPlan_Stoemper


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