Where to get the Build Version in App Store Connect

Hi Thunkable X folks,

  1. I successfully published from Thunkable X’s Publish function on my 2nd attempt today. My 1st attempt failed (I received an email notification) because I keyed-in a different App Name in App Store Connect compared to the App Name in Thunkable X.

  2. I followed the Thunkable X documentation and filled-in all the required information in App Store Connect. However, I cannot submit my app for review because of an incomplete section i.e. I have to select a Build Version. Where do I go to select the Build Version?

  3. Before submitting this topic, I searched and read previous topic submissions that I should get an email too for successful publishing (my 2nd attempt) from Thunkable X’s Publish function but till now (half a day), no success email yet.

Please help / advise me. Thank you.