White screen barcode scanner?

Is anybody else getting a white screen when testing their barcode scanner component? Do you need to download the app in order to test?

You shouldn’t need to download the app itself but it may help to make sure your Thunkable Live app is the latest version.

Hope that works!

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Hi Albert

Thankyou, I tried reinstalling the thunkable live component and it is still white screen but does work when downloaded

I’m using iPhone 8 13

Same for me on iphone SE Ios 12.

But, if you download the app, it works excellent!

Hi there,

We discovered there is an issue with some of the newer iPhones with iOS 13 when using the Thunkable companion. Here is the link to a newer version of the Thunkable Live on Apple. It should address your issue. Please download it and let us know if it works for you.

Apologies for the inconvenience -


I tested that Testflight app (your link) with a barcode app on iphone SE and ipad both with IOS 12.4
Works perfectly.

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Thanks works a treat

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Now it works for me too


Hello with Testflight works fine but please fix if possible the bug so we can test directly .

Many thanks