🎉 Latest Thunkable ✕ Release; Video Player and Barcode Scanner! 2019-10-31

October was a really fun month with the Dublin team spending a couple of weeks in the San Francisco office for lots of work (and a little bit fun too!) . Don’t forget to check out this month’s Hackathon and if you’re publishing an app make sure you promote it in the community via #SuccessfullyTHUNKd

:bookmark: Release Notes

There were one or two updates every week during the month of October, most of them are “behind-the-scenes” but please take a look at our release notes for a more detailed description of everything that’s currently available in the platform.

:robot: Thunkable Live for Android

You’ll need v. 114 of the Live Companion app, head over to the Play Store to make sure you’re up-to-date. Also, please consider leaving us :star::star::star::star::star: if you like our Android app!

:apple: Thunkable Live for iOS

For iOS users still running iOS 12.x or older you should be able to use Thunkable Live directly from the App Store .
Sincere apologies to everyone who has updated to iOS 13 and is experiencing issues with live testing. As most of you already know, we were able to diagnose and fix this a few weeks ago (it’s available on TestFlight for anyone still affected) but we’re still waiting for Apple to complete their review process.

:hammer_and_wrench: Assistant

The Assistant Component was updated from Dialog Flow v.1 to version 2

:hammer_and_wrench: Canvas

Following several requests from users, we’ve added the ability to set the following property:

Frame Color (Click to expand)

:bug: Alert

The Alert Component now has default text for the Confirm and Cancel buttons

:rocket: Video

The new Video component allows you to play your video files, directly from your projects or via a URL. App users can easily pause, rewind or fast-forward the video with the built in player. The Video component also supports full-screen playback, which is another popular request that we’ve heard from the community.

:hammer_and_wrench: Gallery

Following on from last months “Search-by-component” update, you can new search the Gallery by username!

:hammer_and_wrench: Video

No sooner had the Video component been released than you had feature requests, so we were happy to oblige. Thanks to the Community you can now:

Auto-play a video (Click to expand)

Thanks to @Deluxe for this request

Play/Pause via blocks (Click to expand)

Thanks to @kartik14 for making this request

:rocket: Barcode Scanner

There’s been a lot written about barcode and QR code scanners, both here and on our blog.
The new Barcode Scanner component allows your app to read any barcode or QR code effortlessly, with nothing more than the device camera. You can even choose between the front or rear facing camera.



As always, thanks to you - our wonderful community of Thunkers - for you constant encouragement and inspiration. We love seeing what you’ve created with Thunkable so please feel free to share your work with us, both here and on social media.


~ The Thunkable Team!



Nice! :+1:

I request you to change the username @kartik to @kartik14 :blush:

You might know, @kartik is not active

Thanks! :blush:


In this one…

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Done, thanks!

(still looking into merging these for you - I haven’t forgotten!)

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Was that play pause button photoshopped in? :thinking:

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It will look slightly different from device to device @eoinparkinson, and the players on Android and iOS look completely different.

Give me a sec and I’ll create a quick screenshot for you.


Hi @Domhnall!

I have a very small suggestion for you -

The glossy iPhone(s) look kinda weird to me :confused:

How about some minimal art-boards?
Like the ones in Thunkable Docs… They look pretty nice with the Thunkable theme…

Thanks! :blush:

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very good for Barcode Scanner!!!


Thanks for the suggestion @kartik14

Looking forward to seeing what you build @MiuMiu

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Apologies! I thought you put a portrait controls overlay on a landscape picture :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are there any features this has versus normal QR code scanning from Camera I am I am creating a scooter rental app like bird or Uber app clone and need help!!

Next,Communication between the webviwer component and the app ,It’s going to be amazing if it works!

Such a thing you need to code your self on a html based website…If I’m right

for example,in webpage cannot scan barcode or it is difficult,if click the button in webpage then trigger the app scan barcode,and then the app scaned can send the data to the webpage,it is very useful!

Communication between the webviwer and the app,This function is easy to implement in thunkable,so
i hope in thunkableX can do it too!

yes you have to do it your self ? with html and add it to your web viewer

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Without the help of a third party on Internet,i hope on the Mobile phone,Communication between the webviwer and the app direct.

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How do you want that there is a direct communication ? thunkable don’t have access to your html page ?!?

You don’t need a external website ? You can add a html code to the web viewer and make happen that is you click that button that it goes to the second screen

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