New QR Scanner! πŸŽ‰

Hi Thunkers! :tada:

I was just wandering around in the Platform, and saw the QR Scanner component. :star_struck:
I went to docs, found that the sneak-peek became a release :stuck_out_tongue:

Before creating topics like "Scanner is not working in Thunkable Live :angry: ", go update the Thunkable App from PlayStore :smile:
Many forget this, and create topics.

Remember, when a new component is released, an update is also released.

(If you don’t update the Thunkable Live app, and use the QR Scanner component, the app will crash. Just happened with me, until I updated the app :joy: )

Thanks! :blush:
Happy Thunking! :tada:



You posted the 2nd part of this in your latest topic -

Thanks a lot! :blush: