QR Code Generating & Scanning

I am new to Thunkable X, but I’ve already developed a lot of apps using Thunkable Classic.
I was wondering how can I scan QR Codes even I didn’t found Barcode Scanner Component.
And how can I generate QR Codes even if I can’t upload the QR Code generating extension.

Thank you everyone!

Hey @Imad_Elakhal,

We have a QR code scanning app example, with remix link, over on our blog:

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Hi @domhnallohanlon, thanks for passing by;
I’ve tried to copy the project using the link at the end of the blog, but unfortunately “Problem copying shared project: Private projects are only available to PRO accounts”

Is there any possible way to get the project even I am not on the PRO plan?


I have an example of encoding and decoding a string into a QR code on the scrQr screen. Unfortunately, this screen does not open from the list, so you have to move it first from the StackNavigator above the StackNavigator and then start the project for execution. I still think about image coding.



Sorry about that @Imad_Elakhal,

Try this link so please:

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