Barcode Scanner component


hi,have any plans to make a Barcode Scanner component like Android?this is a very useful function for ios app.



A Barcode Scanner component is on our list but as of now it is not a high priority. If others chime in by liking or replying to your post it might influence us to move it higher on the priority list :wink:



A mi también me haría falta este componente web, sería muy bueno tenerlo en iOS Thunkable.


I would love to have barcode and QR code scanning as well. The usage scenario is that: a user scans a QR code, when the QR code is recognized, the app will communicate with a remote server to retrieve a video or MP3 file to play. No need to press any button or enter any text.

If you accept contribution, I am willing to contribute USD 100 as a token of appreciation.


push up!


push up!


I’m really interested in this feature.


+1!! actually +100… I need it badly for an app I finished on Android; trying to make the equivalent on ios!
Move it up the priority list <3


My app could also benefit from a QR code scanner. As it stands, I need to have the user use a separate app to read the QR code and then paste it into my app. Not ideal!


Wish that too!


Me too please!

Besides 1D barcodes and 2D QR codes, I also need support for 2D Data Matrix code (used a lot in medical products). In MIT AI2, I used ZXing and checked the “use external scanner” box.



This blog post by @Hristo describing how to create a QR scanner in Thunkable ✕ might help.



Need this, plase make it happen


Yes please!!! Have an immediate use for this.


You could try this: Barcode Scanner - Round About Way using OCR


Please add it soon