Barcode Scanner component for thunkable X

I’m looking forward to adding this component,thanks!


I really need it, has been waiting to it for buying the pro membership

Hey @cacique, we have a guide to creating a scanner over on our blog:

Hope that helps!

I have try this on qr codes but i Need one for Barcodes

Like this one @cacique?

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Thanks for your andwers unfortunelly not, I´m searching for a bar code reader like the one of the box of products on the super markets not Qr codes

Ah, apologies! I misunderstood your original message. I think the API given in the first example should work to barcodes too. Can you try it and let us know either way? Thanks!

Have already Tried, work fine on Qr but not on Barcode, does´t work at all. I´m searching for any api for barcode that could work for this method but any ussefull have show up yet.

Please Help

I haven’t tried this myself - but you should be able to find at least one API that suits your needs here:

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Have been triying and searching on that list and other, how ever any luck yet, If know one or how to make it vía Web Api please help.

Thanks a lot for your concern Domhnall


One usefull trick is to use the image recognition component from windows, have work fine for mi on Qr Codes. Does´t work for Barcodes.

It´s and other way but a slow one.

Hello, I tried this method but doesnt work. When I connect the phone to wifi with internet then it works but doesnt work with the phone’s data. Please is there something I need to do?

Hi @Charles_Dorantes, welcome to the community!

Do you mean the you followed the tutorial, or did you try on of the APIs I linked to?

Well, then it does works and the issue exists somewhere else. For example

  • Have you exceeded your data allowance?
  • Have you tried on a different device?
  • Have you installed the app on your phone, or are you having an issue with the live testing app?
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Hi, I followed the tutorial. I have installed the app on and iphone and with thunkable test mode too but still. When I connect the phone to wifi then it works. Also works on the Android version of the apk without wifi connection but not on iphone. Will try a different iPhone to really confirm.

All web api app need internet most likely, If you are using the tutorial metod you will always need internet. how ever and phone conection will work slow but still work


I am new at Thunkable. I am a no-code enthousiast and both professionally and privately. Looking into a no-code platform for native app development is the next step so I ran into Thunkable. Very cool platform and community. I hope to contribute to this community as I get more experience.

I do have a question about the tutorial mentioned above. Is a QR Code scanner also possible without the cloudinary API? Maybe a native component in Thunkable to make qualitative pictures of a QR/Barcode?