When I link a button to a screen... it works only the last button editated

I have linked every single button of my home to different screen… but in my app works only the last link I have made… the other button when clicked crash the application or link a white page!


Can you share some screenshots of your written blocks ?


here my code…

@Alex_Italy, Sorry you’re having problems. I don’t know what the structure of your navigators and screens is but please take a look at my answer to a similar issue here. If that answer doesn’t see appropriate, please share your project (or ideally, a simplified version that shows the problem).



I have linked the first 3 button (greetings, basic phrases, common phrases) to 3 screen…
only common phrases work…

Could I have a reply?


The problem doesn’t appear to be with the navigation per se but appears to be with the displaying of the greetings and basic phrases screens, each of which crashes the live test app. This may be the fault of some of our Android code, as we are not seeing this behavior when we run your app on iOS. We’re looking into it and will get back to you when we have any more information.

There are a couple of things I would think about trying, while we are diagnosing the problem. One would be to reduce the number of buttons in the two non-working screens. You’ve got a lot of buttons in those screens which you are not (yet) using. Another thing you might try is to remove your use of the Column component in those two screens. There is really no need for them, as the Screen component itself acts as a column.


the app is not finished! I have to edit all the button…

How long time do you think it’s needed to fix this code problem?


…it is a big bug…