Buttons link error

I have many screens and one pic in each screen and two buttons namely: “first page” and “next page”. i have set the blocks exactly so that when you click on “next page” the next screen will be opened. but some buttons doesn’t work and the supposed screen doen’t open and the app closes instead!! but when i open the project in thunkable x and move “the block component” or even remove and rebuild the related block, the problem is solved. this is so troublesome since when i make some change in the app some buttons doesn’t work and i should identify and rebuild them!!!


You have identified a known problem, where the Thunkable Live Test app is a step behind what you are doing on the blocks editor. The workaround, as you have discovered is to just move a block around. That causes the previous change to get sent down to the Thunkable Live Test app. We know about the problem and are working on it.