Unfortunately thunkable has closed

This is happening a lot when i’m live testing.

I’m literally pressing a button from one page to another.
The first page has 2 buttons whilst the second page has 1 button, 13 labels and an image.
Is there anything that makes it force close every time?
I had another page do this - i deleted it and it stopped but I couldn’t tell why it happened…

Any ideas?

My test phone is a wileyfox swift 2 running android 7

If you give a link to your project, then I will help you find the reason. If the application crashes when the button is clicked, it means that something is wrong when the new screen is initialized. For example, the height of a component has not been updated. In the properties pane, you see a value, and it has not been updated for Thunkable Live.

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Thanks, that helps.
I had already deleted a bunch of components and the app stopped crashing.
I’ll check all my component’s properties in future.

Sorry to hear about your troubles, @khunter83 . We’re working on making it so that errors are handled a little more gracefully and less mysteriously.