Problem whith de buttons

The buttons of the front page do not work and stop the application. They serve to open another screen and initially they were working.
Does sameone know why that would be?
Thank you.

Can you send the blocks ?

I’m not certain but this might help.


You see on here there is a problem, first of all this isn’t thunkable X and second you have to insert the name of the screen in “ScreeName”

This is literally the simpliest block insertion I don’t see a problem here.

Are you sure your buttons aren’t disabled ?

Yes, I am sure. The buttons were working without any problem until I introduced the last two screens.
Now some buttons work and others not. When I change the blocks the buttons stop working

Try removing all of them and reinserting them.

Also what are your other screens doing ? Redirecting to different screens or just accomplishing actions ?

Also for a huge amount of choice like this with just a simple action after I’d say you use the listviewer item.

Nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you. I am going to try

I had a similar issue when I had a lot of screens in my app (
What I used as a workaround was placing the screens in a drawer navigator. Somehow the drawer navigator does not seem to have that limitation.

Regards Rob

I think that this is my problem because I have ten screens. I am working with Tunkable because I was told that you can use all the screens you want.
I am going to try to use Drawer navigator.
Thank you very much

No problem. Let me know if this solved your problem.


Can you share a simple project with us that demonstrates the problem? That would help up diagnose it.


I can´t. The link that Thunkable generates doesn´t work.
But the project can´t be simpler. One screen with nine buttons and nine screens linked whit the buttons.

I am having the exact same problem