Question about navigating between screens

Hi dear friend ,Iam new in thunkable ,i just creating a app but its not working when pressing button its not moving to screen 2 , what should be cause please help me anyone please … :unamused:

Hi @thulipokharib0cv43, welcome to Thunkable!

Would you be able to share a screenshot or picture of your blocks here so that we can try figure out what’s wrong.


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yes i am sendng screenshot sir ,

i need solution for screen to list view blocks.


I can see from the screenshot you sent you have many buttons.

When a button is clicked, you want to use the Navigate To Screen block. See below for a quick example.


Can you describe more about your issue:

  • Does each button navigate to it’s own screen?
  • Does each button navigate to the same screen, but display different data on that screen depending on which button is clicked?
  • What does the variable app list do?

A clear issue is that when your screen opens you are setting the same variable multiple times to different values. Are you trying to make this variable a list, where each item is text from a button?

The more information about your issue the better, so don’t worry if there is a lot to explain :slight_smile: If possible, screenshots of your blocks with descriptions would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you are comfortable with sharing your project link, I can look into that also.

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