Displaying buttons from another screen

Hi guys… sorry i’m using translator
i’m new in Thunkable. I have a task where must to complete this week and it will be collected on tomorrow monday. so please help me…!

in my project i have 2 screens. on the first screen i have 4 buttons. The first button will navigate to second screen, while the other button is a quiz button that I hid. Then on the screen two i have 3 learning materials buttons.

The question is, how to make it so that when a user clicks on the button one learning materials, it will open the quiz button one on screen one, if it click on the second button learning materials, it will open the quiz button 2 on screen 1, and so on. And when a user opens the app next time, that quiz button still opens.

I hope that someone would give me an example of an arrangement block code.

It would help if you included screenshots or sketches of what your screens will look like.

You can use stored variables to save values on the device to be used next time the app is opened.

You might want to Google quiz Thunkable because there are some examples in the results that you can learn from.

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So, here it is.
This is the real first screen display. There are 4 buttons.

The “Menu Doa” button will navigate to the screen 2. while the other button is the quiz button that I hid. like this

Then on screen 2, I have 3 Learning Materials buttons,

which each of button will navigate to the screen 3. But now I’m focus on screens 1 and 2 only.

I want if the user clicks the “Doa Level 1” button on screen 2,

it will also open the “Kuis Level 1” button on the first screen and so on.

and that the quiz button will still open even if the app is opened at a later time.

Okay, I think you mean “show” the button. Not “open” the button. You can use the set button’s visible to true (or false) blocks to do that. And create a stored variable for each button’s visible value (true or false).

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Do you not mind if you showing the code block is, because i don’t know too much about using variables

oh I just found the answer here,

just before you replied my message. okay I’ll try to “weigh” which blocks is good for me.

I’ll get back to you

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