How to maintain the state of the button at the time the application is reopened

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I have a quiz app that has 3 question level buttons. I want to set that the first time the screen is opened, the level 1 button is visible, but the other 2 buttons are hidden.

The easy plan is that the 2nd button will open when you have selected the 1st button and the 3rd button will open if you have selected the 2nd button.

If all the buttons are open, I want to maintain that state, so that if the application will be opened again the next time all the buttons remain open.

is there such a special program block, or is there an array of blocks that could create just that.

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To make something keep its state (or value), use a stored variable. Those variables keep their value even after you quit the app. It’s important when using a stored variable to check if it’s null when the screen opens and if so, set it to a starting value.

Well @tatiang i’ll will try this. Thanks…

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