Suddenly thunkable initialize screen when re-open

hi. only a few days ago, because each screen maintains its last status and values (in thunkable), i have enjoyed coding like list picker in another screen
such as these screenshots.

But somehow, now i can’t do this. if some data set in variables they remain. BUT, as i said, if they written as BUTTON TEXT or something, all of them will disappear when reopen the screen.

look at this simple example, if button clicked, then text input is written as “test” and navigate to another screen, and coming back, nothing.

So the policy is changed or something? Do i have to make a new app following past rules or new rules?
im so confused now. please help.

I couldnt develop my project further. This change is critical. Is it on purpose?

What do your blocks look like @saramdl.gaunde021 - are you using stored variables?

Im curious whether it does matter. I used app variable.

As i understand, if i was in some screen and navigated to another, and came back then (screen1 -> screen2 -> screen1)

Past (which i remeber just a few days ago) :
-maintained last status
-if some label or button is changed before navigation then it is remained (as changed value)

Now :
-if some label or button is changed before navigation then it is somehow re-initialized like it is my first visit.

I dont think any of two ways is wrong. Just wanted to know how thunkable team wants to do. Because it affects my project.

you can use block in the pictures…

it is work for you.

thanks. i know so im changing my codes right now. but still, im wondering do i need to change or i dont have to do any thing. becuz if this situation is not intentional, then it could be back to previous version of thunkable (so my code doesn’t need to modify)

the reason why im saying over and over, is im not professional but my current thunkable project is kinda huge. so many design elements, and so many codes. image
(at most 3000 lines a screen, and the number of screens is like 15)
and if this change is for real, then i need to CHANGE a number of codes.

You have 45,000 blocks? I know this doesn’t help you but when I hear someone is using that many blocks, it usually makes me think there is a more efficient way to code whatever they are making.

Is every screen unique or are there elements you could re-use from screen to screen or in functions, etc.? I know functions aren’t global but… just ways of making your code shorter and simpler, such as using Any Component blocks.

I wonder if the Text Input field value is only stored when the text input is submitted (by pressing return)? I don’t know if that’s true. It would be easy to test.

i tested in cleard project too. the result is exactly same.
its only different when the same code is made in past or now.
(codes in past : same values on the screen // now : initialize)

i can’t believe that everyone is not questioning this situation.

This simple demo shows that you can get text input before it’s submitted. So I was wrong about that.

thanks for preparing a sample project.

i know how to get values from anywhere.

but i thought this change could be undone. (although i put so many "ifs’ when every screen open already)

just imagine if you made your own date input and some other list pickers in other screen.