Screen opens without the initial settings


Since a few days, when I come back on the main screen of my app (where user datas are automatically updated), the screen doesn’t return the initial display but the lattest display.

Example : Main screen with options => user choices that leads to => learning screen => backpressed button to go back to the main screen => Main screen is displayed with the lattest options the user choosed.

Before, it showed the main screen with initial set ups. But now it’s like the app close the learning screen and then the main screen isn’t considered open.

Can you please tell me what’s going wrong?

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We know nothing about how you are storing these settings.


You description of the case is general making it very difficult to tell you what could/would go wrong. However, there are two main blocks in the screen Opens and Starts.

If you have you codes in screen Starts block then it will not get executed if you use the phone swipe gesture but the code will execute if you use navigate to screen from a button in the screen.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for the awesome information.


I already use the Opens block.

The only thing visible on the main screen when it opens is a loading icon (which is ok when I launch the app).

After the app updates all the information (using local storage), the loading icon disappears and the column with the 4 sections appears.

Then I choose between the 8 new buttons (still on the main screen) and enter a new screen (block “Navigate to screen XXX”).

But when I press back from the new screen (block “Navigate to main screen”), the main screen displays directly with the 8 buttons column instead of the loading icon. The problem is that the user can see texts on those buttons appearing and disappearing while the app is processing the information updates. A few days before, everything was alright…

Unfortunately, screenshots of an app are way less useful than screenshots of the blocks you are using. Those screens don’t really tell us anything useful.

If you can provide a link to your project, someone can probably help you fix this.

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I have the same issue, the screen you navigate-to, including the home screen, opens in the state it was last in regarding visibility, text, colours etc, instead of returning to the default values from the settings. This started half way through November for me.
I am asuming a compatibility issue with other blocks on the screen as if I create a new clean project the navigate to block works as expected.
As I have over 1000 blocks on each screen I will struggle to work out which blocks are causing the issue so have just put in the following work around.
Use the screen opens block in all screens instructing all the default values of all components on the screen.
If like me you use navigate-to blocks to the same screen to reset the default page values you will have to create a dummy screen to navigate to that navigates straight back to the same screen to force the screen opens block to run.


I think what you experience @martint is related to this

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I was just about to share same screen shot :+1:
And is exactly when it started.

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@martint I don’t know if you’re a genius or you just don’t have aphantasia, but that’s exactly the issue I encountered.

By the way you solved my problem, thank you very much!

For those who face the same issue, the current solution is to create a dummy screen which will open the home screen with default display (the dummy screen must be opened BEFORE the home screen when the app is launched, else it doesn’t work).

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Why do you think developers around the world make use of splash screen for?

@muneer Don’t know, I’m a conceptor and a programmer by circumstancies, so that’s not in my field. But thunkable is made for non-coders right?

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A splash screen isn’t really to do with coding, just some common sense.

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And don’t you think splash screen is a term specifically used among coders or people with a formation in development? Try asking your non-developer friends what is a splash screen…
That is common sense.

Says who???

I would just the majority of people who have ever used an app have viewed a splash screen and know what it is.

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