Screen doesnt stay the same

I just started using thunkable for a school projects and while I’m doing it i realised that for example;
When user makes a change on screen a and then leaves the screen to go to screen b when coming back to screen a it reverts to the default as if no change was made initially. Is this supposed to happen? is there any way to prevent this

yes there are 2 ways

1 use columns as a screen
2 use local db

u can such anyone one way

Hey @sc.sarah2000sw93f - what sort of project are you working on?

Generally I wouldn’t recommend using column as screens (but sometimes it’s fine)

As @eko.devs.apploroceo suggests the Local DB or perhaps stored variables would be a good choice

With tools like Thunkable, the screen resets to its initial values each time you start the app or switch screens. If you want to keep a setting for later, change a variable value and then use that variable when opening the screen.