Problem: when I click a button to go to another screen don't work

Hi, In the Home (screen1) I linked a button to the second screen (screen2) but it dosn’t work.
Appear a white screen (in apk and also in thunkable live).
Any solution?

screenshot pls


When I add a sound screens don’t work…

That’s not the blocks we want, the one you use to change screens


When the Greetings screen is empty navigation runs, if I insert audio in a button (with clic) in Greetings navigation doen’t work

Works fine for me tho. Have you set a volume to the sound ?image

the problem is not the audio but change the screen. Navigation doesn’t work

Navigation works for me I made exactly the same as yours so if you’re not willing to share the entire block section there’s nothing we can do

This topic appears to be a duplicate of When I link a button to a screen... it works only the last button editated, so I’m going to close it.

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