Navigate to another screen button not working

Navigate to another screen button not working after uploading the app to apple store and google playstore. Live test working fine.

Also, can’t seem to get much support from the thunkable team on this. Very disappointed.

Anyone facing same issue?

can you show a screenshot of the blocks for that button and how it switches to next screen?

That’s odd. What happens when you press the button while in the downloaded app (not live testing)?

have you tried sending it to a different screen, just to test. and maybe try deleting that button and making a new one in its place.

Are you using Stack Navigator?
If yes, then according to your blocks, on profile screen has code to take back on home screen. Going back by clicking home button does not work in Stack Navigator.
You can only go back through your device’s navigating back button.

Try referring this post : Stack navigator not working on my phone in both live and apk

Hope it Helps! :wink: