When cloning columns/rows how can I stop them over lapping?

I am using the clone feature that is brand new to Thunkable X. I basically made a widget (a row) which contains multiple pieces of data. For the test I used 2, a photo and a label.

I get these to set fine, but how can I stop it from overlapping. I have tried with 3 widgets (which a user can post via Firebase) but the 3rd widget overlaps the second one, basically covering it.

Is there anything I should enable in properties? It is set to fit contents, so I am unsure.



I did a test with 5 posts now and they all show except the last post overlaps the second last, I can now confirm this.

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It is some what glitchy. Now it works? Maybe it is to do with the fact that I am pulling from Firebase. I added a wait block, and now it works?

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I’d imagine, as a work-around, you can just set the wait amount to be 0.01 of a second and the delay will hardly be noticeable.

I haven’t noticed this while cloning individual blocks, assuming this only occurs when cloning groups of blocks?

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I think it has something to do with pictures. As when I clone just text, even 2 or 3 at a time, they work fine. But pictures overlap and I think it is to do with sizing etc. And the fact that it is being set from a link maybe?

Quite possibly - did you try changing between relative/absolute/fit contents/fill container? I’d guess that absolute sizing is ok, but there might be issues with the other 3?

I can’t use the contain and other options from that drop down as when using them the edges of the images stretch. it’s hard to explain. it’s like the pixels at the edge of the picture just draw straight lines in a direction to fill the container or the specified size. and I have worked with percentages and everything. it’s all the same unless I set the contain drop down to nothing.

Hi @eoinparkinson
You can set its margin-bottom to 10 by default.

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I probably should have reported this as a bug, as I worked out the problem.
I find, when cloning columns (with images and plenty of text in the column) that when I pull from a list, local or cloud based, that if I don’t set some sort of pause for 0.5 seconds between cloning, that it messes up. Images and text get jumbled around, it shows up in the incorrect order and that sometimes it doesn’t even clone everything, maybe 4/5 items in list.

This affects “loading times” as such. So I have to show a blank screen for 3 seconds or so while my Home screen opens, so users can’t see the mess going on in the background, of images glitching in and out every time clone is called.

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