Social media style app clone for each item j post

When I add the 2nd post it messes up my view completely.

I’m wondering what blocks do I need to use and in what order should they be to make multiple posts show up.

It looks fine when I have only 1 post, but when I add the one I boxed in red it really messes up.

Let me know if you have questions on what I’m wanting to do, but basically I just want to make the 2nd post display and so on for more posts.


The first block is ok where it says “works with only one post” you just need to add a wait block the first think in the do section of the clone block.

The wait block could be for 0.0001 or just 0.

I tried putting a wait block in all the red lined locations but no cigar

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Try using a waiting variable this way:

Shortly, you tell your app to wait until clone and its command are done

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I did this demo and it works as expected.

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Here’s the project I’m working on currently, you may need to create your own FBDB to do some testing.

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This is what I get

I updated the link to be a projectPage link instead, should work now.

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Not working yet.

You can look at the example I posted and you may find where your project fails.

please let me know if this link doesn’t work, it’s a direct link to copy the project

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It is clear from the video that your issue is with design not coding.

I just added the wait block to every clone do section

See the video

See the code change (not the complete list but gives the idea)

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I just want to share this here.

Why not complete the cloning with less blocks?


This is exactly what I needed, it works now and thank you. Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner I was working on another part of the project first.

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I’m at the stage now where if a user wants to click on another user, they should just tap on the column which contains said user
I’m not sure how to identify which column they’ve tapped on though because there’s not a “When any column clicked” component.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to identify that column which was clicked?

Or is there some way to ask “is tapped component a clone of xzy component?”

It’s strange that the when Any Component Click block doesn’t have row or column options. Only “Any Group” which would be for the drag and drop interface:

You can figure out what was clicked by finding the first occurrence of another component within the column such as an image or button. But it’s not a great workaround.