Last item displayed first when Cloning

I have reviewed many posts about clones but have not found an explanation of why, when cloning a list, the last list item is displayed first? How do you get the last item in the list to be last in the column of clones?


I think the problem is that 2bCloneBTN and 2bCloneLBL are singular components rather than dynamic (green block) components. So you’re effectively setting the same component’s value each time through the loop.

It’s a little hard to explain exactly why it doesn’t work but… I think you need to get the cloned component (button or label) and set its text instead of the static component you’re using right now.

This is a little better:

I’ve never tried cloning an invisible row but I think there might be a bug with that.

Try this instead but make the 2bCloneROW visible in the Design tab:

Works Wonderfully, thanks for the quick response!

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One more question: Why is the “Wait 0 seconds” block needed? It doesn’t work without that block, but i don’t understand why it should be needed.

Me neither! I just know that cloning or creating a block within a loop requires some delay. Otherwise, the component creation happens too quickly. And even though it’s a wait 0 seconds block, it still causes a delay because the screen has to refresh each time (so I’ve been told).

If you want to learn more, see this:

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