Not able to modify the clone

I have the row 96 and i want to make 30 copies of it inside Column 93
Row 96 contains a label the image then label (Label Image Label)

When i do Clone, i want to set the value or the labels but i am not able to do so

How would i do it? it keeps giving my the text which inside the original Label of Row96

Both images did not work with me


Hi Abedo,

So I came across this exact scenario literally yesterday. My solution was to construct the clone as I would like it to be, then remove all nested components as seperate components (all with visible = false and clone them in the order that they are supposed to be made, that way you can set the labels and all of that. So for you, you would have to remove both labels and the image in row 69 and have them alone, set them as invisible, then clone them in order (nested too). The example is below:

Components (Order - Nested)
Screenshot 2021-10-13 132858

Components (Ideal Clone - Nested)

It was after this point that I “un-nested” the componenets and made them invisible

Clone Test (Successful)

Now you’ll be able to set the labels in each clone as you see fit (be it from an API response, realtime db, list, airtable…)

Hope this helps!

Edit: I forgot to add the blocks. Here you go:


Use a wait block just before the set label in the clone block. The wait time could be set to 0.001

This will make it work.



Thanks @muneer, your solution is so much more cleaner

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Thank you very much, solved my problem @muneer
@kareem thank you so much for your effort