[Solved] Help to retrieve "all labels in row"


I made my choice the clones are faster that’s for sure
for the needs of my application I reproduce a line (witch contains 3 labels) a certain number of times is it possible when I modify a line to modify the corresponding cloned line or am I obliged to reproduce them all?

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You can use the “find first occurrence of” list block to get the item/index number of the label (or other component) in “all labels in row” (or column or group or screen) and then get the list item with that number from the “all labels in row” and set its text value.

I know that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but I’m on my phone and can share a screenshot later.

Here’s an example:



thanks for the reference but i sink :confused:

contenclones is the column where i cloned the row after creating the clones I used this
Capture d’écran 2022-05-14 à 23.07.17

i get all the labels of all rows

the pattern i clone

Capture d’écran 2022-05-15 à 09.31.56

row123 is a container visible off

for the moment I only use the content of the first column in relation to its content (I have his ID when I click on it)
and I would like to have the ID of the other two associated labels

I found this: (is there better?)

the indx variable is the line where the clicked element is located


It is a list inside a list.

When you close any row or column you actually create a new row or column so you need to get all labels of the newly cloned not the original.


get all labels of the newly cloned not the original.

I didn’t know how to do

should I save the IDs in a list when I create the clones?

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Depends on what you want to do. If you explain what you want to achieve may be I can create a demo project to show how.

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what i want to achieve ?

reproduce a pattern and more generally know the ID of any component to be able to modify it if necessary
today my pattern is simple it consists of 3 labels but what will happen with buttons and images?

it is true that I did not understand your remark and I would have liked because it is perhaps more efficient and faster than what I found and to see the updates being carried out almost without flash because I no longer clone all the lines, it’s gratifying
I have come a long way and I owe it to you
a big thank-you

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Hello @bibbi

I made an example to show what can be done with cloning

In this example, if you click the button Clone rows The code will first clear any existing rows in the column and then create sample rows.

You can then use the lower part of the screen to select the column and the row and then type anything you want in the text input box then click the button Change the selected cell.

The text you typed in the text input will be shown in the selected cell by the row and column numbers you selected.

Hope this will make things clearer.


Works like a charm.
And even if the purpose is to only exemplify the power of cloning, it seems like a polished app with nice icons and validated inputs :blush:
I didn’t expect less from @muneer thought :innocent:


Really nice demo, @muneer! Very useful.


Thank you @mimostel

Thank you @tatiang

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