Change clone of label row

hello i’m wanting to clone a row based on the airtable list. Okay so far but what I can’t do is change the label of each row. Only one of them is possible, the others make the app crash. I will share the blocks and a screenshot to exemplify. thanks


The problem is that your cycle ends before creating the clones, so all the clones have the same name, which is taken from the last record in the table.

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Thanks for the answer. Do you have any idea how I can do it?

The scrAirTable screen, when you click on the Clone button, shows how to create clones when working with AirTable.

this example is very confusing, lots of blocks, no where to start

Are you talking about this large number of blocks or some other?

The scrAirTable screen

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Try these blocks -

What do the above blocks do?

Since you have two labels in your row, and nome is the first one, and you want to change nome for every cloned row, the in all labels of cloned row - get label #1 will set the first label’s (in your case, nome) text to Nome from Airtable.

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hello i’m following @domhnallohanlon example but when i click + or - in the first row it works fine and changes the data in Airtable. but by clicking on the following rows the app goes down. thankyou

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which example are you following?

Usually what I do is check if it’s an “odd” button or an “even” button being pressed to figure out whether it’s a + or a - being pressed. All of this is done with generic event handlers, for all the buttons on the screen, or in a container column.

From your blocks it looks like you are just checking for buttons is a specific row, so this is probably what’s crashing your app.

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Did switching to Column fix it for you?

No still same problem

Aha…in your else you’ve incremented the index by 1, so there’ll never be any “odd” buttons… only even

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OK! so what number should I change? to be able to click + or - in different columns?

This is the specific example from my tutorial, but hopefully you can generalise it

actually - the green “clone” button in my example confuses things a little - if you don’t have a button like this then you don’t need the incrementer.

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This thread and post in particular might be of interest to you: Control properties of a button from another control

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Thanks so much, but can you tell me how I can get the row number based on the index?