[Solved] Create row for each row in airtable

hello I would like to create a row for each row in airtable! where each row has inside an image and two label, the labels appear but the image does not, I can not solve the problem. does anyone know how to solve?

Hey there, @fernando_matos,
I have a question for you :
What are u storing as the image? The picture of any image component or cloudinary url??

Thanks! :smile:

I uploaded the images on airtable itself!

This post should help you: How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component


There is my blocks!

@Mark hello got it! instead of creating row I made one and clone it! Now everything works the way I wanted. but still have a problem! I am cloning one row for each row in airtable but the original row remains blank as you can see in the image.

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You can set the initial widget in this case to invisible to start, then set item 1 to the original widget, then set it visible, and clone from there.

Alternatively, you could clone upwards so before in column, then just reverse the list so it appears the same to you and the blank block goes to the bottom.

@eoinparkinson sorry but I didn’t understand how to do it

Please some one can help me?

Can u please provide a brief description what do you want to do?

Now everything works the way I wanted.

And what u have solved?


right at the beginning i couldn’t clone the row! Now I did it. The problem now is that I am cloning the row for each row in airtable. but the original row is blank as you can see in the picture!

Hi Fernando
can you provide us the link of the project maybe i can figure it out?


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@domhnallohanlon Some helpe?

@jane some helpe?

Hi there,

@eoinparkinson gave you good advice!
Set your first Button to be not visible.
When you make clones, set them to be visible.

You can see an example app here.

This app has an invisible Button called Button1.
There is a list of text items.
For each item in that list:

  • a clone of Button1 is made
  • the clone is set to visible
  • the text of the clone is set to the corresponding item of the list (first clone = first item, second clone = second item, etc)

Let me know if that helps!


@jane thank you very much worked very well, yes @eoinparkinson gave a good tip but I did not understand how to do it actually. this problem is solved thank you