Creat image with component creat

Hi, I have a question. is it possible with the component create, create component of image, type as many as images have in the airtable?
Somei-me can help?

Yes, if you make a list of all the image links, then get length of list, then clone image (this image might have some nice borders for styling) for i in length of list, then make a variable that adds one every time it creates a new image, so it can pick item 1 in list, item 2 in list, and so on, until every item in list has been picked.

But be careful when pulling data from a database, as I have gotten glitches, so maybe add a 0.5 or 1 second wait between creating the image so it does not glitch. And this will work for you.

@eoinparkinson Thanks for the tip, but is it possible to show a simple schematic of the most correct way to clone the images type 10 times and send 10 different images for each component?

Yes here is a project link of how it could work: Of course this link could be cloud based, but I have had a lot of issues with cloud based lists.


I believe there is a glitch where the last photo covers the second last, and I am unsure on how to solve this, but this would work.

You can also achieve the code I created here using for i in length of list, and simply add 1 to the variable each time to get next item in list. This works for making widgets which contain many pieces of data like text and images.

In the example I sent you, change the list from blocks with the ones beside them, they show different images in different sizes to prove it works with a range of different image sizes.

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@eoinparkinson Hello your example works really like I want but I could not apply to my project. I want to bring the images of an airtable column

Make list from Airtable column, then use this list. The list must be the photo links. If they are name paths to the photo links there would be an extra step.

@eoinparkinson This is the first time I use lists in my apps. I can not understand how you do it. Is it possible to add to your example the column of the airtable and clone the image for example 10 times with different images? in the first image show the image of the last row and in the last one the image of the first row. thanks

I believe by using get column and setting this to list, it is already a list. I may be wrong, I do not use Airtable. It seems logical to me though :slight_smile:

So in short, set the list to Column using the get block for Airtable :slight_smile: