Create image clone for each item in the airtable column

Hello everyone, my app has already been published and I have hundreds of images. I am using two buttons to change the images (next and previous). I wanted to show the images in scroll but for this I would have to clone image for each item in the airtable column. Does anyone know how to do it? thunks

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Hello there, @Fernando_Matos! :wave:

Since u want to make a scroll. set the screen to scrollable.

And try these blocks :

(I assume that u have URLs of images in Airtable)

Note - Take a single image component only in the designer :slight_smile:

Hope it works & helps! :smile:
Thanks! :wink:

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@kartik_old hello thanks for the tip but it didn’t work with my project!

Hi, @Fernando_Matos! :wave:

Can u plz share your project blocks? Coz it worked fine with me.
And, are there image URLs in your Airtable?

Thanks! :smile:

Do you want to do this anyway?


I thought he wanted to create a photo-wall like design (:infinity: scrollable screen in images :sweat_smile: )

If the photo wall, then need to load images in portions. I am afraid that several hundred images will be cloned very slowly. I tried to clone 100 buttons - not a quick exercise.

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right now my design is like this

but I want to switch to a vertical wall with multiple photos

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like this?

Like this

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Then this will 100% work. :wink:

At this moment I have to use this component to access the URL image where I put it in your block scheme?image

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Try this :


I’m also using the clone for the first time - I am using it to clone like the above when the screen opens, but once I get these from a list how do I stop the clone reoccurring whenever the screen opens?

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Hello there, @jacob1! :wave:

For this, set a variable, “pictures loaded” to true for the first time.
Next, when the Screen opens, check whether the above variable is true or not; if it’s true, then don’t load. if it’s false, then load all the images.

Hope it helps! :smile:
Thanks! :wink:

Hi Kartik,

Thanks but I don’t want to stop it after one go, because I am loading back from firebase, so I want it to refresh with new data, but every time the screen opens I don’t want to copy the same blocks