Can you help me with cloning columns?

I have a screen where you can select wallpapers. It starts with a column visibility off and it gets the wallpaper link from airtable and gets cloned then gets next link and gets cloned it has been working everytime until now. I went to wallpaper screen and not cloning is not happening and I say partially because I have 3-4 screens where I’m using cloning but in two screens it’s not working the blocks are fine and untouched since they worked perfectly before honestly I just can’t get a break first it was ad hold up. Then screen crashes and now this I don’t think I’ll ever be able to publish a stable app and that’s very upsetting for me :broken_heart:

I’ve updated the title of this post because you can’t simply asset that there’s a bug until you are able to reproduce it.

In the majority of cases it’s an issues with properties or blocks not being properly configured.

Can you please share an MWE with us that replicates this behaviour?


If I give you my project link would that help because that way you can screen my app for ad approval you can see the cloning issue and you can see the screen crashes. Would that work for you?

Unfortunately not - you have so many components and blocks in your app that it’s simply not feasible for one of use to check through everything.

What I would recommend you do is create a sample project, called “cloning columns” and use just the blocks that you think are causing the issue.

If this is the case then send us the sample and we can dedicate resources to diagnosing/fixing the root cause.

If your sample app doesn’t crash, then you will know that cloning columns isn’t the issue in your project and you will be able to narrow down the search this way.

I know I have a lot of blocks but I can guide you the screen where cloning is having issue has very few blocks and I’m not sure if cloning is the issue 100% because I have other screens where I use cloning but cloning works there

This is exactly the point of troubleshooting - you’re original title (which I edited) mentioned “Cloning Columns Partially Working”

If it’s not consistently not working then it’s not fair for you to say that this is a bug with Thunkable (again, for the benefit of other readers, I edited the original title to remove this assertion)

Do you have any error handling blocks for your Airtable blocks?

This would be the first place to start your troubleshooting.

I’m able to recall data through airtable everywhere except for THAT wallpaper screen it was working fine and out of nowhere it stopped I did not add removed or tweaked anything

you can now save that screen with the save screen feature, copy it to another app, and share the link to that app. that way we dont have to sift through the rest of your stuff.

then on that new app page, delete everything you think isnt related to cloning those columns.

try that.

then share the link if it still doesnt work


Thank you I will try it now

Great suggestion!

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Thanks to whoever came up with the screensave/share with all the blocks idea on Thunkable team and @jared I’m very thankful. Because of this and my previous saved copies where the screen that don’t work anymore worked I was able to copy screens and now everything works that’s freaking amazing !!! I’m very happy. Now the only thing missing is … the ads :eyes:

Great work @farhanlatif027i3df, you are learning to fish for yourself!!! I am happy to hear that’s working when the things we spend so much time on do not operate as we want, it can be super upsetting!

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It was super upsetting I had two screen with so many blocks that were crashing and I tested one and I removed firebase blocks and it would still crash and I got so upset until I realised how good and useful screen copy feature is and the best thing is this feature just came out this week I think #whatAreTheOdds :joy:

Btw can you make me small project on saving and recalling using cloud variable because Ido not know how to recall and how to save specific detail for a specific user

Only because you ask so much I’ll leave you some crumbs to start. You’ve had a plateful already, right?

I can also make it for you for a nominal fee plus explain how it works via a 20 minute video chat


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