Clone crashes the app

Hello Thunkable team,
I made a test app to see what the the problem is and I found out that cloning a row or a column inside a column will crash the app.

I hope you can fix this issue asap.
My regards
@jared @arun

Hi @Hayder, thanks for reaching out and our apologies for the issues you are seeing. Just to note, Jared is not a part of the team here at Thunkable.

We released a fix for the clone component causing apps to crash last month. Is this happening for you in the Thunkable Live app? Or a published/downloaded app? What version of the Live app are using and seeing this issue on?

Appreciate your patience!


Thank you so much Matt for replying.

I use the latest version and it happened with Live test. But before a few moments the blocks work very well.
Thanks a lot :heart:

Oh Gosh
It crashes again without reason. Please, see this behavior of clone component.

It sometimes works and crashes with the same blocks.

Would you fix this issue, please?
I need to focus on other things in the app but cloning is really bothering.

@Hayder Could you send us the link to the sample project you built where you are experiencing this issue?

It crashes in my own app. I can provide you a link to it if you like.

Hi @Hayder,
Ideally we’d like to isolate the issue as much as possible. I am going to attach a share link to a project that is doing what you said was causing the issue–cloning a row inside of a column. Can you try this link and see if it the same action as what is causing your app to crash and if this new app also crashes on your device(s)? Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 1.46.38 PM

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Thanks a lot Matt,
After searching about lists in Thunkable community, I noticed that clone can crash the app and freeze it if the list set in cloud variable (If we delete an item from that list but not the first one)

That behavior of freezing and crashing because of deleting some items from cloud variable and try to clone it.

Thanks again sir.