Looking for an app using clone


I’m having trouble implementing cloning. there are several posts that talk about it but each time the link is obsolete
to do well I started from a small example of a clone of a line in screen1 with a button and even that it does not work
I must not be awake


If you are dreaming then anything is possible with Thunkable!

But if you’re awake then that’s just not enough information to be able to help you…


This is a demo using clone


It might not fit your needs because you did not say what you are trying to achieve with the clone block.

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thank you for this demo I compared with what I was trying to do. I couldn’t see anything because the row I wanted to clone was invisible
looking more closely at an example in a post the item to copy is invisible but before cloning it is made visible
what i’m trying to do ?

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You can do the following,
Add a row or column to the screen then add whatever you want to clone inside the row or column but keep these items visible.
The last step is to make the row or column itself invisible.

Now the items are not visible because they are inside a row or column that is set to be invisible but if you clone these items to anywhere else then they become visible.

it’s much clearer

thank you

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I have a small problem the column (scrollable activated) which receives the clones generated by a loop does not scroll

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The scrollable feature of the column only works if the height is set to fit content and only works if the column is inside another column or other container with specific size.

Once you set these two requirements then it will work.

i set this two requirements and i doesn’t work :face_with_head_bandage:

small consolation: the display is faster with clones
I am still searching …

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It would be very difficult to guess what other settings are interacting with these in your project. If you could share a minimal copy that I can see then I can give you a faster response.

If your screen is set to scrollable then your outer column cannot be set to relative sizing. That could be one of the issues.

yes i can share
I sent you the link by private message.
thank you in advance

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