[Solved] No way to copy screen?

Did you really rebuild Thunkable X from scratch and not include a possibility to copy items or a full screen? :scream::roll_eyes: I cannot find anything like that in the docs or the platform -.- Even Makeroid (now Kodular) managed to add this ON TOP of the existing app inventor platform :confused:

also do you have a date when finally the icons for tab navigator will be available?

  • No way to copy screens
  • No way to copy components
  • No backpack to transfer functions between screens
  • No complex lists (at least image + label)
  • No local variables (my variables screen is cluttered with tmp variables
  • Poor docs (right click -> help opens example.com :frowning: )

It’s very hard to make anything besides Hello world (or really simple app) with Thunkable X, and I really want to give it a chance.


Yeah unfortunately X is really poor (at this stage) and to me it seems ridiculous that they made this version a paid, finished product while every other company would not even call this a Beta but much more likely an “early Alpha” stage… too bad that Thunkable is heading such a bad direction right now - I was really a huge fan but for now it is unusable for me, because you cannot create even the simplest - meaningful - app…

Nobody needs floods of stupid “Hello world” or other useless test apps in the app stores - this is exactly what Apple is fighting by mostly forbidding/restricting Apps created with such creator platforms… Thunkable Classic was great since you could really create meaningful and beautiful apps but Thunkable X is unfortunately really bad for now. I think it will improve but I also think it was one of the worst decisions to end the beta stage in this early development stage and even charging for a “pro” version that is not at all “pro” right now…

I personally won’t pay a cent as long as this is still lacking so many essential features… They should have stayed with the Beta and create a powerful platform together with feedback from their great community and THEN launch a great product out of Beta and start charging for PRO (I have no problems with a PRO version at all if it is a finished, nice product)… Not launching a half-baked totally worthless version out of beta and trying to improve it whilst already charging money for it…

cheers, Chris


Well, blocks at least can be copied with Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V ^^ (not mine, just read it here in the community)

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I will buy if this feature available, then…

This feature is not available, but you can do it very easily :wink:

When you start making your first screen (which we’ll clone later),

do not add components in the screen;
take a 100% x 100% column, and add the items in it.

See this tutorial by me -

Thanks! :blush:


Components can be copied

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Put everything in one main column -> copy main column, done.


Just to expand on Max’s suggestion @ariadriantoy0t, there’s a full description of how to do this sort of thing here:


If there are multiple items within it it is likely to just crash the site and not work at all - at least that is my experience

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Hi there,
What you have to do?
You can’t duplicate the screen,but you can duplicate each columns.
Therefore,You have to set each screens’ content inside a column.Lastly,just duplicate that column will be done what you are looking for.

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That is what I just wrote before: when having many objects in that column the site is likely going to freeze and not copy anything - that happened several times to me also it seems to become unstable and not sure that progress is being saved afterwards…

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the tutorial link doesn’t seem to be working for me @kartik14



I have updated it, now it’s changed to a representative video.

Thanks for reporting :blush:

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@Chris @Avram @ariadriantoy0t @maxb

Delighted to announce that this feature is now available in Thunkable!

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Yes you actually can duplicate coponents in thunkable, there should be a two-page image on the right of your screen click and boom

easy way:::: Save a screen to my screens then click on add screen and select copy from my screens voila !!! the copied screen is available !! :grinning:

Is my Idea working?

Dear @unknownthunker,
The post is marked [Solved] in February last year.