Why there is no back pack in thunkable x? is it gonna be there in future?

this is a too basic feature I cant imagine app making without use of copy paste.

We are all waiting for this.

oh. then why moderater ppl marketing it as its final product.

Please show me a link to that where it is indicated that this is the final product.

In Thunkable X, you can simply cut,copy and paste blocks from one screen to another. So I don’t think there is a need of backpack.

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A backpack is necessary for copying blocks between projects.


Yeah for projects backpack can come handy for sure. Maybe It will be added soon.

It will be personnel then. also, they didn’t stated it literally but asking to use unfinished product is wrong in my opinion.

I understood. I would also like to see Thunkable X in a more or less ready-made form, but this is impossible because it appeared just recently. I would say this: while this is a tool for enthusiasts, but gradually this will change for the better.

Hi would you mind telling me how to do this. I have been trying and could not work it out.
Thanks very much

How do I copy blocks between screens?

select the block you want to copy and press Ctrl+C and then Go to the screen where you want to paste the block and press Ctrl+V there. It’s as simple as that.

We are still waiting for either backpack or import to bring hours of work from one project to another. Seems like a fairly trivial feature.

Unfortunately, I’ve invested far too much time in my Thunkable projects only to discover all that work has to be done again since there is no way to get screens/blocks to a project from more than 1 other project. I thought Thunkable was supposed to teach the basics of software development.

I’d be happy to test a beta which requires that no screens, components, or functions can already exist by the same name in the target project.


Thank You so much.
Folks, just select the block or block-chain You want to copy, press Ctrl+C (Windows)
and change to another screen, Ctrl+V. Works like a charm!


Was anyone else able to get this to work? It doesn’t work on a Mac. I’d be surprised if it worked on a PC but apparently it did work for you.

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This definitely works for me on my MacBook!


You’re right. It’s working now. Maybe I needed the new interface.