Copy blocks to other screen or other project

Is there a tool to copy blocks created in a project to a different project or blocks createdin one screen to a different screen?

That would help testing apps when exploring different designs.

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try to add blocks in backpack by clicking in block section area then open and get blocks at other screen and project

Is backpack available in iOS version?

There is no backpack in IOS. But it would be useful to have one.


Hi there. We definitely plan to add a backpack soon – just waiting to get an additional developer on board.

Thanks for your patience in advance,
Albert @ Thunkable


you can use the keyboard combination Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v for copying blocks from Screen1 to Screen2 (that is not possible from projectA to projectB)
When you have 100 single blocks, first put them in a stack (you could missuse the if-then-block for instance) and copy the whole stack via Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v


that is quite good idea too.

Does this actually work? I’ve tried Copy-Paste with no success.

It’s about using the “if then” block to attach 100 different blocks to it, and then copying the “if then” block to another screen.


A large number of similar blocks (variables or text) indicates inefficient operation. Try not to do as shown below. Instead of using separate text blocks, use a one delimited string.


Almost 2 years… When can I copy blocks between projects? The inability to do such a simple thing is costing many, many hours.

Thanks in advance!

I think now it´s possible. If you save the Screen from the projectA, then you can go to projectB and create the screen from the saved screens. When you take the screen you take also the blocks.

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Brilliant. I like this new feature.
Now we need the feature to save projects or screens to our device, to be save when a crash occurs…