Copy feature in Thunkable

Just want to know that can we make an copy feature like we just click on it and copies to clipboard

Blocks cant be copied in clipboard… You can still use CTRL+C/CTRL+V to copy/paste some text from, lets say, a text block`s text value.
To copy blocks from a screen to another you still can use an workaround… just export that screen to “your screens” and import it as a new screen… that will copy all its own blocks too…

I want to ask that a random number would be displayed on the label and when you click on it the text of the label gets copied. Is it possible

In this case, when that label get clicked, you just can save it to an app var, then when needed, call that var.

I think you have listen about like that a 6 digit code generates even in my app I just want to add a copy feature

it usually works for pc but however u cant giv it a try…
try refering to these

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The solution you referred to does not work on Android. Android kernel has its own library clipboard.manager.

yes but u have to get app source and do some internal changes to it

Not as you expect

You should note that this is for Android only, you will need to execute this code only on Android devices and not on iOS ones.
Good luck with it.

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well i meant you need to refer but u need to do some changes to kotlin code :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Blocks can be copied from one screen to another. At least on a Mac using cmd+c and cmd+v. That works for a single block or a block that has other blocks inside it.


Lol, just tried it and it works on windows too :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Srry about my wrong info, didnt knew it.


Blocks can be copied from one screen to another but only within the same project. You cannot copy the blocks across projects.

So my workaroud with export screen to my screens than import in other project still stands :wink:

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In fact, the only way to copy components between projects is by using the Saved screen option.

Didn’t get answer

You got several answers. What do you mean?

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I mean like a project link or photo

If you see my answer, it says copy to clipboard is not available. There are some attempts from other members but does not work on Android.

How would I provide a project link for something that not solved yet?

If you want a copy of the codes that partially works then just search for it on the forum.