Cloned Row has a "All" label list of zero elements

I am struggling to duplicate a process I THOUGHT I used a few months ago.

I am cloning a row containing a control. I want to change the value in the cloned row, but the list of labels for the clone is zero, but the row DOES contain the label. See the examples below.

FYI, the example below is simply an illustration. My actual app contains various types of controls in each row.

What am I missing?

by cloning the row, only the row control properties are returned and available for use. There tedious way of looking for the labels’ identifier but you can try this simpler way: keep the original row (templayRow) hidden. you can update contents of the labels using the known label names and then clone and unhide the clone row. If you want to update the labels again, delete the cloned row using the return cloned identifier, then do the same with the hidden row (and labels within) and unhide again.

The issue appears to be related to synchronization. Regretably, as is often the case, a WAIT block within the clone block resolves the issue (see the image below).

The number of WAIT blocks I have in my app remind be of the bad old days of Visual Basic 3… :frowning:

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