Set Multiple Labels inside Cloned Rows or Colums

I’m trying to make a custom list by using the “clone” function of “any component”.
What I want to clone is a row that includes 2 labels.

I read this topic(Change clone of label row) and made a sample but it seems like the “first item of list from all labels in clone” is somehow not working.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Are you saying that the labels on the Label haven’t changed? There is such a problem. I go around it like this. First, I create all the clones, and only then I call a function in which I create a loop on all the clones to change their properties.

I think this bug is related to the fact that the blocks for changing the properties of clones are executed before the full creation of clones. This is a block synchronization error

I see. Thanks I will try from making a loop first. Thank you!


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@actech Thank you it worked. By the way, is it unrealistic to get data from firebase “for each time in” a list?
I tried once but it doesn’t show the result I was expecting.

It is possible to get any data. But to do this, you need to know the data format and be able to work with it.

I recommend that you first learn how to work with JSON and only then go to work with Firebase. Firebase has some special features, but if you understand how to work with JSON, you can easily solve these issues.