🌌 WDC #28: In an AirBnB Far, Far Away

With just over a week to go until May the 4th we’re pleased to announce out 28th Weekend Design Challenge…

Create a Star Wars-themed AirBnB App

One really helpful resources we’ve found to help you get started with this is the Star Wars API:

It has records for over 60 planets (as well as 80+ vehicles and starships if you want to take this in a vehicle sharing direction)

In terms of components, you could use a data viewer, or build everything with static components but the general idea that you create a directory of planets where users can book their next stay


That is a really good idea for an application.
I will work on it at the weekend!


Somehow missed this post. This is an interesting direction to work in (themed apps) and I hope I can do this this week.


I missed it, too! Looking forward to thinking about this…


I can’t wait to see what anyone submits herre!!!

I’ve started laying out my designs!!!


The inability of copying screens across projects really puts me off from using Sign in and Register screens. We have to code everything again and again.

It might be easy for you because you have a Business Plan access but practically, without such essential feature we are expected to only show the delivery/booking process but not to redesign the New User / Returning User again.


I made that fresh today ~ 45 min or less to think about and design, place all elements, plus find the images and font file from figma. Only the first screen and sign in screen is functional so far.

^^^clearly I need to rename that button too :joy:

Some elements are designed in figma and imported as images to keep things easy!

It’s just a pretty start to a MVP is all! :slight_smile:


When I work with FlutterFlow this task takes hardly a minute or two because all I need is to select a ready made template. Not only design but with relevant code already available.

Anyway, I really wish Thunkable revise the idea of Saved Screen availability or at least provide the old MIT App Inventor BackPack to move snippets of code around projects.


Any suggestions for how to deal with APIs that split the response into separate pages? That always annoys me. It looks like https://swapi.dev/api/planets will return about ten planets at a time.

I’ve thought about calling the API and getting each page and joining the responses into a single JSON text string and then just using that throughout my code but it seems like kind of a pain.




Good idea @tatiang

I went ahead and did that for all of us! You can access the api data here OR call the actual api to get back paginated data.


Awesome, thank you!

Oh and here’s a teaser for my app:


here’s another cool resource where you can grab some images from too!

my hint here is pay attention to the URL scheme of the image sources for any of the planets



can anyone tell here what is the purpose of this app because i am not understanding the topic of WDC

The purpose is to make an app similar to airbnb. The app would let you search for and reserve a place to stay. And for fun, it’s Star Wars themed.

WDC in general is a way for the community to push themselves to try new components or design elements or ways of using Thunkable and third-party services such as APIs and cloud storage and to share those efforts and results with everyone.



I’d like to introduce you my app for the challenge

it is an easy-to-use app where you can search to find on which Star Wars planet you will spend your next vacation.

You can browse different planets through the list or search for your favorite one.

After you select one planet you can see some useful information about the Climate and the Residents and of course, select the day you prefer for the visit.

So what you are waiting for?

You can check the app here

For more information on how I have created this app, watch this YouTube video


Nice entry @John_Rouger ! Thanks for taking the time to enter this one in for us!

I can’t wait to see what anybody else puts together!

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  • filtered planet search
  • planet details including image and surface water (blue outline)
  • date & guest selection
  • native host name
  • favorites list
  • translated Mandalorian phrases


  • API
  • List Viewer
  • Alert

Project link: Thunkable

Web App: https://thunkable.site/w/y_NohhNF5 (planet images will not appear)

Blocks: 678

Video demo: