Radio buttons demo

Like in @domhnallohanlon’s earlier demo, I needed radio buttons for a project I was working on.

So I decided to share a demo of how I set them up:

There’s not a lot of setup once you have the project link above. Here’s what the screen looks like:

You can add more radio buttons by duplicating the blue circles. Important: be sure to arrange the buttons chronologically in the component tree and on the screen so that they are listed top to bottom in the order they were added to the screen.


Then add more item names to the list here:

The preview looks like this:

The rest should “just work.” :slight_smile:

The trickiest part is probably spacing the blue outline buttons correctly to match the line spacing of your item choices.


what do you know! i happened to be working on a radio button selector, too.! may i share my method? i use 2 parallel lists, the first is the original list, and the 2nd is the same list but with a radio button pre-pended to each of the items. the list viewer is associated with the 2nd list and each time an item is clicked, the 2nd list is recreated to reflect the latest item selected. it starts with no selection and in the end one radio button should have been selected.

here’s the demo:

i’m working on a check box demo (multiple selection), too.


@manyone Just a little suggestion if you don’t mind - try hiding the listviewer’s arrow, and set the width to ~60%-70%, so it would look more like a radio list :wink:

So it would look something like this -


looks good! thanks for the suggestions.

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Not sure if you used emojis or not but you can also use the radio button and white circle from Get Emoji:



i couldn’t find a radio button that i liked. none of the alt-coded ones seem to work for thunkable - i’m lucky i found these on and off radio buttons that are copy-pastable. the green-on radio button from getEmoji seems too light to me (i’m colorblind) - i would rather have black.

meanwhile, when you get a chance, can you open a new topic siimilar to this but about check boxes? i’ve got my demo working.


Will this fit your need for a check box?

i think i wrote that? i wanted to file my demo (another version) for checkboxes but under the checkboxes topic not buried in the radiobutton topic so it’s easier to search

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I had this demo made long ago. Just shared it for convenience.

You can of course open a new topic and I’ll list that demo in it.