🎮 WDC #24 Let's Play Mastermind!

I’m pretty happy with this so far. It still needs a little polishing… I’ll be adding the following:

  1. Reveal the secret code when you win
  2. Notify you when you lose
  3. Restart game button

But I’m close to getting done! The hard part is out of the way. Phew! :sunglasses:

I’ve added a hint button that reveals one of the secret peg colors. Try it out here: https://thunkable.site/web-build/index.html?webAppId=iG5c-QgZZ

(No sound)


i got my version partially working but can anybody tell me how to fix my problem? my alerts don’t show! so i cannot properly stop the program whether i detect a win or loss.
here’s the project link

for this run, i’ve set debug mode on (the target will appear on the top of the mmind screen during play), and i’ve set max guesses to 3 so i could test the ‘too many guesses’ error.


as you can see in the snapshot, i started the game, played one game to win , and played another game to lose but note that there are no Alert notifications!

you can see that i’ve set the label under the button to show the outcome but it didn’t show the alert panel. this is the segment that checks for win:

the last block sets Label4 to “win!” and it shows in the screenshot but it seems to have skipped the alert code. there must be something i’m doing wrong.


I can see the alert

What?! Muneer thanks for verifying this. What is that shortcut again for refreshing the browser cache?

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i’m using firefox and it’s not working - i got to hit the sack. i’ll try again tomorrow. thanks!

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i tried it in live test and it works! alert used to work in some of our earlier WDC projects -was there a version change?

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According to this site it should work


I did notice a number of differences between the Preview button in the designer and the Web Test menu item. I do not know if this is intentional.

i just tested with web test menu and it works . it just doesnt work with preview button.


look at the hottest game on the web today! (We were just working on something similar just a few months ago!)

i just finished my first game last night:

OOPS - which still happens to be the secret word today!


My new version: Robot Guessing Person

Can you explain what this is and how it works? Is it AI? Is it playing Mastermind? I’m curious!

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The 1A2B is like mastermind, I use google app script and spreadsheet.

The GAS server can compute the anster quickly than the phone or tablet.
I use it to compute 1A2B anster and use web api to connect app. Then you can play person to robot Game in my app.

I can’t say “Yes”, but it is like AI.

I use 3 loop to find a anster from all prabable anster.

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