🎮 WDC #24 Let's Play Mastermind!

Has anyone ever played this game before? (Does it go by any different names around the world?)


If you’re not familiar with it, there are lots of videos and tutorials online - here’s just one example but feel free to share others if you think they give a better explanation.

This weekend, let’s try to recreate this classic game in Thunkable. I’m hoping to be able to get this working myself, and my only tip at this stage would be to start with a simple “Match 2” version and then progress to the more complex “Match 3” and “Match 4” versions.

Good luck!


Summary of Entries

I love this game and play it all the time! Hoping to be able to get something together for this.


I never play games. My mind refuses to understand them and could not figure out why.


@domhnallohanlon 1A2B This game is called mastermind or cows and bulls abroad (The content is excerpted from the Chinese website)
Is the rule similar to this? Y.C.Y. Program - 1A2B

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Wow, this looks great. Yep, very similar underlying logic, to only difference really is the UI. (Should be an easy one for you so @tony.ycy.program! :joy:)

Loved this game as a kid! My grandparents in Arizona had it and I would play it with them when I visited.

@muneer, it’s a great logic game. I think you might like it! Let’s have a Zoom meeting and I can play it with you. :laughing:

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This is a screenshot of my app.

Everything is normal, there are 10 balls in total, I just changed the black (Red) and white cue balls to A and B!


That’s an offer I cannot refuse. Tell me your convenient time and I’ll be available for it. You’re a teacher and I’m confident you have a way to make it stick into my thick mind.


I’ve NEVER played it before! :innocent:

this #wdc sounds wierd.I don’t know if we have to create it online or play it. :upside_down_face:

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WDC stands for Weekend Design Challenge. Take good notice of the middle one Design, it means you need to develop the game and if you can then play your own developed one then it would be fine.


This is a hard challenge for me. I decided to use the Snap To Place interface so I could take advantage of the clone blocks. But I had to do some mental gymnastics to convert the cloned button positional values that are generated using Any Component blocks with button lists to what I expect them to be (e.g. bottom-left button is #1, top-right button is #40).

Here’s what I have so far. You can click a button to generate a label value for its position (just for debugging purposes), click a button in the first row only to set a guess color, and you can cycle through six available colors.

I haven’t programmed the check against the secret pattern/code or the results feedback of pegs yet.

(No sound; the black circles for each click are just from Quicktime’s screen capture… they don’t show up in the actual project)

Edit: got basic pattern checking now. No feedback pegs yet but if you happen to guess the correct pattern, it will tell you at the top. The secret pattern is randomized each time and is only displayed here for debugging purposes.


I did the button test in a simpler way. I have a variable that tracks the row being played and with the Any Button in that row I just have Four buttons that I change the color so I just check the position of the button in the active row. When you click on any button in any other row, nothing happens.


I’m using the same technique!


I use data display (row-shaped).
He can display content by himself. It can also be copied infinitely (it seems to be less than 100 after testing).
These programs can be relatively simple.


This is my app!
Download the test from the Google Play Store!


  • Although the app name is different from the challenge title, both can be played!
  • Mastermind is customarily called 1A2B in Taiwan🇹🇼 (the red mark is A and the white mark is B).
  • This app provides dual language.

Hi everyone,

After a valuable session from an extraordinary teacher ( @tatiang ) showing me how this game works, I am presenting my attempt in developing the game in DnD UI. It is not yet complete and has lots of small issues such as the unavailability of the Any Components features and some unexplainable issue with colors.


Some images


The flashing animation effect before you win is fantastic - thanks @muneer, great implementation!


Many thanks for your comments.