🎮 WDC #14 Can you re-create the Plant Nanny app?

So as Tatiang has already pointed out this is probably more of a “Weekend Gamification Jam” rather than a #WeekendGameJam but once you have an app with points, badges, leaderboards in it then you can definitely reuse that structure in any other game that you might be building.

Our muse this week is the cross-platform, habit tracking sensation, Plant Nanny :bouquet:

This is a simple idea, executed beautifully. Plant Nanny is an app that allows you to track your water intake while at the same time caring for a cute virtual plant who thrives with each glass of water that you drink.

From the store listing:

Each glass of water you drink grows the cute plants in Plant Nanny² so you can both thrive! Set a daily schedule so that you can collect, grow plants and take care of cute plants to get hydrated together!

The Challenge

This week the challenge is to build a fun and playful habit tracking app. It doesn’t have to be for water intake either (although that’s a pretty healthy habit to maintain) Here are a few popular concepts I found during my research that could be accomplished with Thunkable:

  1. Exercise tracking app for stretching, walking or working out
  2. The same, but for logging your dogs exercise!
  3. A journaling or creative writing app. Create prompts, set daily word-count targets and have a novelist-themed leaderboard that you ascend as you near your goals.
  4. A language learning app to read and speak a new language. You could use the text-to-speech and translator components to make this app highly interactive.
  5. A #100DaysOfThunkable app. Set daily goals and challenges for learners to master as progress from app building novices to experts.
  6. A photography app. Use the camera component and have the user create their own gallery. You could use the camera in selfie mode and create a “photo a day” app
  7. A drawing app. Create a new prompt each day, and if you want you could use the canvas to capture the drawings directly in the app. Unlock new features and functions as you progress through the challenges.
  8. Something completely different. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface here - there are so many healthy routines that a person might want to incorporate into their life.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone goes about cataloging and rewarding their users for making positive progress towards their goals.

As usual, use this thread for asking questions, giving encouragement and offering feedback on the apps.


List of Submissions

Plant Sitter by @catsarisky

Dva Patri by @tchind

Stretch Marks by @manyone

Be Grateful by @novice

CalC by @codeswept


What an interesting idea! Can’t wait…
BTW @domhnallohanlon I don’t see your WDC 13 submission!




Practice what you preach! :smiley:

(don’t mean to be rude)


Hi @domhnallohanlon, The Ideas are great ! But Its my First time getting confident enough (And also not seeing the post on the submission date :wink: ) So, Can I please know where and when to submit.

You can post your project in this thread, Anush!

Glad you’re going to participate this time. It’s fun to see what everyone builds!

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thanks @catsarisky
yeah, I get new ideas after every wdc challenge

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As soon as Dom announced the “Plant Nanny” title, I started thinking about this book: The plant sitter : Zion, Gene : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive , which I loved in my childhood. A boy gets all his neighbors’ plants to take care of while they’re on holiday, and they sort of take over the house.

Not sure I’m doing anything with it, but that’s where my inspiration is, today.


That’s what’s so amazing about this community - thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging (to everyone, not just me!)

I’m pretty excited about my idea for this challenge…it might take a little longer than a weekend to complete though!


And thank you too for all the great help!

No, no, I wasn’t asking you to submit it. The longer you take, the better the output(or so I believe). Take your time with it- I’d love to see it when you’re done!


Yep, These people are soo encouraging, Everyone feels welcomed, as though they were friends for a long time (We thunkers are!)


What I made today:
(You can drag the plants around - please do! Other than that, there’s no current function.)

UPDATED (5/28) - there’s some function but not quite a full game yet. Updated link below.

Graphics modified from the work of upklyak on freepik.


This is great! The best part is that there are lots of flat surfaces(tables/shelves) to put the plants on. I know you’re still working on it, but an idea: You could try allowing the users to adjust the size of the plants. I added the ‘other’ plant thinking it would look good on the bookshelf, but it turned out too huge and I had to put it beside the sofa. Other than that, it’s great fun moving them around!

@domhnallohanlon I have so many ideas for this WDC! Is more than one submission allowed?

I am so contrary… for the WDC I submit a game, and for the WGC I’m making an app! Is that alright, or should I switch to game mode?

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Hi…My entry is V3 for Dva Patri.

Dva Patri is a pill reminder and overall health app for elderly.

The app’s V4 is the current version.

Sadly,As i submitted V4 for a competiton which’s results are still due so i cant share V4.

But i Have given a glimpse of it -

So here is the projectPage of my entry -

So pls do see it.

A few things that I learnt -

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Absolutely @codeswept - glad to hear this prompt has given you plenty of inspiration!

Yeah, no problem at all. The prompt is just there so that we’re all working on something similar at the same time. After that, the design, implementation, functionality etc is all up to the individual Thunker


Cool, thanks!
Working on 2 apps right now. Trying to implement some gamification into them.

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When moving the plant, I get a black box with a diagonal green line

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That’s odd - all plants?

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