🎮 WDC #14 Can you re-create the Plant Nanny app?

Do a hard reset of the browser tab or clear the browser cache.

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I’m still hoping to post my plant sitter game for this challenge, but first I had issues with a bugged stage (that may require me to recreate all the sprites?), and now I’m fighting off some nasty grunge (not COVID, happily) and spending most of my time lying on the couch. So maybe it’ll be my open call submission next week instead? :slight_smile:


Wish you a quick recovery. Sometimes the best thing to do is not to do anything.


It’s the end of the semester at work. There’s no option to not do anything, alas!


Oh no! Get better soon… It’s not like a WDC without seeing your submission😊


get well! i agree with @codeswept!


Hi Thunkers!
I’m new to this…

I got really excited by the idea of WDC and am really excited to see the submissions. Such cool ideas!
Going through the posts… I got this idea of an app… to help people practice gratitude.
The idea came while reading an article on practices to help people come out from their depression.
So its like, for 22 days or so, you need to think of 5 things you are grateful for everyday. This exercise /habit helps people bring positivity and productivity in their life.

So, in short, the app idea is like the user has to write 5 things which he is grateful for, and once he does that, he/she earns a badge.
The app will also keep a track of the total number of badges earned all-together.

Link - Thunkable

This is just a scratch… i need to figure out more functionalities in it… as in how to reset the fields for fresh inputs everyday…

All your precious thoughts, ideas and guidance is super welcome!


Great idea! And welcome! I actually had the same idea but didn’t have the time to develop it this past weekend. Glad to see you’re on it.


Wish you a speedy recovery, but don’t stress yourself with the wdc challenge. Even though your wdc projects are great and for me, they are full if ideas, Your health is the priority.

Keep Thunking (After recovering)

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What auto-correct can do :joy:
@catsarisky Wishing you a speedy recovery
and as @anush_bh20910 meant keep thunking (and thinking to!).

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Got me! I agree.

I’ve been working on 5 projects simultaneously, and haven’t gotten anywhere with any of them (big surprise!), so I forgot to post my submission for this WDC. It isn’t at all “gamified”, and it doesn’t remind, only keeps track, but it’s managed to stay near the topic.
My app is called CalC, and it helps you keep track of your nutrition intake by maintaining a food diary of sorts. You write your meal, and the app uses an API to retrieve all the nutrition information for each item in your meal. You can keep track of your calories and meal items, share healthy meals, and earn badges!

It’s basic, but I’m still working on it, so hopefully, it will be better in the future.

You can try it out here Thunkable


And that’s pretty much it.


Cool app. You have ‘dairy’ for ‘diary’. :slight_smile:


Oops, my bad! Updated my app.

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Sorry for not responding to your post earlier.

I tried them (and other methods) but none worked then. It is working now (for the most part), thankfully!

Wow, what an AMAZING APP!!! It’s so cool!

I hope you get better soon. Your submissions are always so fun!

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Wonder App @codeswept !
I’m yet to explore and learn Web API

I made couple of changes to my ‘Be Grateful’ app.

Link- Thunkable

  • So, the app resets its values everyday, so that the user can add fresh 5 blessings for each day.
  • Data is saved for the day, so no need to enter all 5 blessings at the same time.
  • Once 22 badges are earned, the app reveals that you are healing. The earnings get reset after 22 days to start everything afresh.
  • Added more badge varieties
  • A bar to show your count of badges

Oh eep. Jane linked a very old (and canvas bugged) version of my project. Here’s the update: thunkablecompanion

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Wow! This is amazing @catsarisky! At first, I just kept accepting plants, and only when I had 7 did I realize what a job it was. Too good!

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$28.20 is what I ended with.

Also, nobody ever came to collect 3 plants I had left over.

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You can fit more than 7, although it’s a struggle.

There’s one drop-off message that has the plant staying for like a month - I wonder if those were the ones that didn’t get picked up?

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