Vote for your favorite Plant Nanny app

Hello everyone :wave:

It was awesome to see all of the innovation and creativity that went into WDC #14 - Plant Nanny.

It’s time to vote for your favorite project!

The winner will get a custom Sprite from yours truly :art: :paintbrush:

Check out the entries below, and vote for your favorite here!

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The poll will close in a week. Good luck to all contestants, I look forward to designing something for the winner! :rainbow: :trophy:

The Projects

Plant Sitter by @catsarisky

Dva Patri by @tchind

Stretch Marks by @manyone

Be Grateful by @novice

CalC by @codeswept


Folks, you shouldn’t vote for my app. It’s completely non-responsive to the WDC assignment, because I got in my head that we were supposed to build a game about taking care of plants, not use gamification to change habits, and I liked the idea so much I stuck with it once I realized I was totally wrong.

If you were building an app for a client and were as bad at following directions as I was, you’d get fired!


Oh please! Yours was an amazing, one-of-a-kind, extremely fun app even if it wasn’t exactly what the topic asked for. I’m glad you stuck with it! If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting at the computer and taking care of a bunch of naughty plants, and still having the time of my life!

I know this will probably sound super weird, but if it meant Thunking as good as you do, I’d risk getting fired (I’m talking figuratively here).


I agree with you, @codeswept. Your app was amazing; that’s all we care about! This is just fun recreation, not an app for a client.

Plus, you’ve actually got some creativity! That’s a good thing, right?


That’s Actually Right @catsarisky . Your app is amazing , even though its a bit of-topic app…Its a fun game!


And looks like you got it again @catsarisky! Congratulations!

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Am i not mistaken that i got it?

Extremely sorry if I am wrong, but I doubt that you are allowed to vote for your own submission. Also, it looks like another Tech India account has voted for this.

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Tchind and techindia are different

And i do think we can vote for our own submission , right?

No, actually I don’t think so.

Oh sorry. I thought it was you because you used to sign of your posts with ‘Tchind, formerly known as tech india’.

How do i know that i have won or not? @jane @domhnallohanlon
Received no sprite yet

In Elections, PMs/Presidents also vote (mostly themselves). I dont see why that wont apply to public polls.

Sure you can, but not choosing yourself is being a good sport and acknowledging that other people’s apps are good too.

I was wondering the same thing; that techindia person’s name was techindia2.

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Still waiting…any updates @jane @domhnallohanlon

@tchind, please have some patience. If you won, Jane will give you a sprite prize in some time (maybe a few days). Remember, @catsarisky had to wait for her prize too.


As mentioned in the chat support ticket and in the personal message @tchind we’re taking our time here to make sure that everything is ok with the voting process.

I appreciate your enthusiasm here but would like to point out that the process of commissioning a custom sprite to the specifications of the winner does not happen instantaneously.

Please be patient with us here as we work through this. We will contact you directly when we have an update on this.



There are a few things I am still wondering about.

  1. The other participants did not vote for themselves… but @tchind did. If @catsarisky had voted for herself, she would have tied you.

  2. Another voter whose username was @worldfromyeye207 had the name of tech India. As @codeswept and I already noted, @tchind signed his emails with tchind (formerly tech India). On top of that, tchind is short for tech India. The only person worldfromyeye207 has liked in this community is tchind (that last statement might have nothing to do with it).

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Ok, in light of the bit of concern around our voting process, I will do something unusual* and give everyone a prize!

@tchind @catsarisky @manyone @novice @codeswept if you each message me with a request for a sprite, I will deliver them some time next week. The sprite can be a character, animal, object, etc. Feel free to include references for items/art styles!

*This is only the second one of these so I don’t know if we can call anything unusual yet!


Fiddlesticks! Why didn’t I participate in this time’s WDC?

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A sprite for each of us!
This sounds super!!

I believe these wdc are a platform to unleash our creative side. They encourage us to learn and explore the platform more.

Personally for me, this was my first wdc, and i know i learnt so many new things in creating my idea.
Im sure this applies to all of us!

So its the learning that matters … More than the destination!


Absolutely! I’m happy for whoever wins. I won’t vote for myself in these competitions but there’s no rule against doing so.

A custom sprite is pretty cool but I think the spirit of WDC is that we get to try something fun & challenging and share the experience with others. I try to always keep that in mind.