Visible columns on /off


I started the app on thunkable at the beginning of the quarantine to be a support for my gym (which remains closed because of covid19).

I’m about to finish (I believe), but I REALLY need help with this code :frowning:

I have a screen where I click a button (in the example “btn_quads”) and when clicking, it should hide the column with the buttons and show a listviewer (filtered from airtable) and a video (which will be chosen in the listviewer. in btn_quads the screen goes white and I can’t! Below the blocks I’m using.

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Remove all unnecessary blocks and leave the column display control blocks. Then check the operation.

Visibility doesn’t work on Android for components with absolute positioning.

I tried it because I was using absolute size, but it still doesn’t work from the second column layer :confused: